I had no way of knowing
That staring at the wall of sympathy cards –
Shopping for one that best suits your needs –
Would inspire in me
A host of reminders
Of how close I have come
To receiving my own
For the very same reason.

Sympathy isn’t a strong enough word.
It isn’t the right word
To express that
Any heart can imagine
The loss of a parent and the pain which follows
The milestones they will miss
The searching in vain in an audience he won’t share.
I am sorry.
It isn’t the right word,
But it’s the best that I have.

You’re only 18.

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Jaymee is the writing force and creative director behind the Beaux Cooper brand. She loves to collaborate with other writers and journalists across the genres. Jaymee lives under the beautiful foothills of the Front Range in Colorado with her cat, Ada, and partner.

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