Do you have a short story, flash fiction, or even a serial piece you’d like to share with a broader audience? Maybe a response to one of our writing or photo prompts that you wrote just for fun? What about an excerpt from a novel(la) that’s been published and you’re looking to draw readers to the larger piece of work?

Whether you are looking to expand your audience, try something new outside of your regular writing style, or practice your craft, Beaux Cooper is happy to consider you for online publication* as a featured author of the week.

Benefits of Being Featured By Beaux Cooper

  • Drive traffic toward your social media platforms.
  • Attract new readers to your creative works on your own website and/or publications.
  • Broaden your writing community.
  • Potential for diversified feedback from a new audience dissociated with your current readership.
  • You retain ownership of your work, though we do request that you cite back to the original online publication of the piece on the Beaux Cooper website.

Services Provided

  • Final review and polishing edits to prepare for online publication.
  • Online publication hosted on a platform qualifying as a non-self independent entity.
  • Feedback on content and quality of work, by request only.

How to Submit Your Work

How: Use the form below to write a brief introduction of yourself, your work, and your goals (what you hope to get out of this partnership).

Formatting: For best results, please include your work as a Word Document attachment. This will also make it easier for any necessary editing and aid in the conversation of creating a “finished” product ready for online publication that both BC and the author are happy with.

Guidelines: Unless otherwise agreed upon, please limit your submission to a maximum of 1500 words. If you are working on a larger piece, we may need to break it up into a serial. If responding to a Writing Prompt, please include the Writing Prompt number for publication reference.

1000 Words Responses Guidelines: Submissions should be 1000 words or less. Please include the 1000 Words number for publication reference.

Pre-Editing: Please make sure to submit works that are as complete as you can make them, including final edits. Beaux Cooper will only provide finishing/polishing touches to the work and only if it is necessary.

Presentation: Be honest and upfront about how you want your story to be presented. We have limited flexibility in font, color, and presentation. If your piece requires special characters, etc. please make sure to note it in your submission request. We will do everything we can to meet your creative vision for the piece. Please note: Writers have final veto rights if an agreement cannot be reached during the polishing stage.

Author’s Bio: We want the world to learn about who you are as a writer and how to access more of your work. Please be prepared to provide information about yourself, or explicitly state you wish to remain anonymous. The most eye catching author bios typically include a photo, social media accounts, email/contact information, links to publications, and a small blip about who you are.


Submit Your Work


    *Beaux Cooper does not provide compensation for submissions and publications at this time. By submitting your material for online publication you are agreeing to these terms and those listed above.

    If, in the future, you would like your publication removed from the Beaux Cooper library, you can do so by submitting a formal request in writing via email.