1000 Words: Five


A new addition to the BC blog and Instagram: Photo* prompts! Use the image above to exercise your creative side. Your response can be flash fiction, a haiku or other forms of poetry, anything you are inspired to create! The only true guideline is that your work must be 1000 words or less. Happy writing!

Length: 1000 words or less

Deadline: None


  • Submit via email to beauxcooper@gmail.com
  • Copy your story into the Message box:
    • Include:
      • “1000 Words #____”
      • Your return contact information marked with a “(P)” for private if applicable
      • Public contact information you would like me to reference if your piece should be selected for feature.
        • This can include your website or blog as well as your social media outlets: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.
        • Optional: A photo of you
      • Your story
        • Please copy and paste into the body of the message, however, if you have a special format design for your story (such as moments of centered or right alignment, size, etc.) attachments are accepted.

Award: My favorite submissions will be featured on beauxcooper.com as well as all BC’s social media outlets with all links connecting back to your blog/social media/website/etc.

*All photos are originals either taken by Beaux Cooper or a family member (historic family photos). These photos fall under the copyright protections of the Beaux Cooper brand. As in all things, please cite your sources accurately.


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