Focusing on the Good and Picking Up The Pen Again

Dear Diary,

It has been far too long since I last wrote within your pages and so, with classic obligation, I am here to update you on what has been going on in my life beyond the anxiety and depression I have spent the last two years discovering, researching, and working to understand. The best way to encapsulate that on-going experience is to tell those who may read this: if you are experiencing feelings of depression and anxiety, please reach out to your community and seek professional help. It does get better.

I moved from Laramie, Wyoming to Fort Collins, Colorado after accepting a position with the Office of International Programs with Colorado State University. It has been a wonderful experience to interact with students from all around the world and play a tiny part in their goals of earning an American University education. These students have been a reality check and inspiration to me ever since I started working there and I look forward to the lessons and insights I can glean from them as we interact over time.

Guys. I flew a plane. A little Cessna, but a plane no less! This has been a huge bucket list item for me and as Fort Collins was thawing out one February, I decided to hop in the plane and take off… with an instructor by my side, of course. I hope to post something about this experience in my future. It was inspiring and the most “myself” I had felt in a long time!

I’ve had the chance to travel quite a bit around Colorado: hiking 12 miles (round trip) to see the beautiful Maroon Bells, explored the ruins of Mesa Verde, camped in the Rocky Mountain foothills, and stood in the pitch black hollows of the Cave of the Winds. Colorado is an incredible state to live in and explore and I’m enjoying every wild experience I’m having here. Oh, and I learned how to curl!

It only took me two years, but I finally achieved my 2017 New Years Resolution of becoming a Dungeon Master! My friends and I have developed our Guild to participate in Dungeons and Dragons adventures. With their support (and a bottle of wine) I was able to not only achieve this goal, but completely knock it out of the park with props, disguises, voices, and a playlist! This was likely the first truly creative thing I had done in years!

My hope is that I will be able to jump back on the creative writing train and start producing works more extensive than a small poem here or there posted to Instagram. I have a few book ideas in mind and plan on bringing the weekly writing prompt back… but… baby steps. In the last two years I have written a lot of research papers for school.

I have returned full time to exploring my education under the banner of Anthropology with a minor in History. What can I say? I just really love learning about our story and where we come from. I have elected to add these research papers as part of my writing collection on this website because they are labors of love and contain valuable information. Those who, like me, love history will understand.

I think I’m ready.



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