I can see, in the mirror,
How every drop of youth is gone.
The dull glaze now which covers
The eyes I once loved.
I can feel it creeping in
The slow knowledge which comes
With realizing your heart
Is burdened with doubt.
A constant battle is fought
When your faith is misguided

Or maybe it’s not.
Each day a new struggle
To wake up and try
Knowing too well
Your eyes, they do wander
Another dismissal of my appeal.

It seems it is true
That I just might give
Until there is nothing left
And you’ll wonder
Why one day

I stopped.

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Jaymee is the creative director and writing force behind Beaux Cooper Media. She loves to collaborate with other writers and journalists across the genres. Jaymee lives on the beautiful coast of Rhode Island with her cat, Ada, and dog, Bean.

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