It Begins

Writing Prompt One: When I dreamed of the desert I never imagined it with snow. Yet here we are; hot sand beneath our feet and crystal flakes falling from they sky…

I’m really starting to wonder if Colorado is such a very real place, after all. Sand dunes fill the horizon to the north of me, the sneaking white capped mountains breaking through the timberline border the east. It’s a strange place, resting beneath dunes and mountains, feet dancing through the chilled waters of glacier runoff. Like being at a sandy beach with no ocean. The wind whips though my hair, biting my exposed ears. White flakes fell from over burdened clouds, balancing on the tip of my nose before melting from the heat of my body.

“Are you ready?”
My gaze filtered out the distraction of this mystical place and focused on his form. “Ready for what?”
“Our adventure!”

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Jaymee is the creative director and writing force behind Beaux Cooper Media. She loves to collaborate with other writers and journalists across the genres. Jaymee lives on the beautiful coast of Rhode Island with her cat, Ada, and dog, Bean.

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