Review: DUNE

Now, I’ll be honest, I’m a little out of my depth in the sci-fi category. It isn’t what I typically read and only picked up DUNE after it was suggested to me by a close friend. It’s his favorite book, you see, and how could I have never read it before?! He was incredulous. I felt out of the loop. So purchase it, I did. And read it, I must! It’s no short read, so be prepared to invest some time and brain power into this novel. It took me a little longer than usual to read because I was mixing it with textbooks and European vacations, but I eventually conquered the tome. So, to the point, right? Let’s go.

Follow a young ducal heir as his family walks into a trap they each know has been laid and conquers the injustices against a people, a planet, a dream at the hand of those in higher power. A religious demi-god, a warrior, a counselor, a leader. Will you survive the red hot sands of the water hungry planet of Arrakis?

I’ll admit, I probably wouldn’t have persevered through this novel had it not been for the prodding of my friend, but it has very little to do with the content and everything to do with my taste in literature. That being said, I’m ready and eager to pick up the follow up novel, DUNE MESSIAH, without his encouragement. I’m wholly satisfied with the story, the plot, and the wild new world that the author, Frank Herbert, built for us out there in deep space. The writing is thoroughly inspiring and imaginative – original on a scale I haven’t seen in decades.

My recommendation is simple, whether or not sci-fi is your “thing,” read it. I’m sure you could find an allegory or two in there about today’s current foreign affairs and government, and if not that, then at the very least an out of this world experience.

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Jaymee is the writing force and creative director behind the Beaux Cooper brand. She loves to collaborate with other writers and journalists across the genres. Jaymee lives under the beautiful foothills of the Front Range in Colorado with her cat, Ada, and partner.

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