Some days back, my friend shared a photo with me.

I didn’t understand at first why she had done so until her sister sharply pointed out:

That’s you!

The photo in question was of my friend’s sister’s friend’s grandmother… you follow that?

In 1940.

The gal in question is the total babe on top.

It took me a few more second and then I saw it. Forever, I will not be able to unsee it. here is this woman who is me, 75 years ago. And I’ll prove it.

We have the same asymmetrical smile. The same eyes. Hell… we have the same damn nose! Even my mother sees it!

All I want to do now is meet the woman, if she is still alive, and see if I age gracefully. Did 1940’s me have a full life? Are there any beads of wisdom I need to know from my future self?

Or maybe I’m a time traveler with amnesia… or I haven’t cracked the code yet and still have time! 1940’s me is pretty tan so obviously I travel during the summer.

I’ve always said I wanted to explore the world more.

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  1. We haven't done any digging to see if there is a connection somewhere, but I've done my own family tree on my dad's side and she never popped up. Perhaps she's connected to my mom.

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