The Oregon Coast

Having spent many weekends and summers growing up on the Oregon Coast it is no wonder I wanted to spend as much time there as humanly possible while I was in the area… and two days is never, ever enough. When I last lived in Oregon my house was only 50 minutes away from a great, always empty beach so now it’s a bit of a lifestyle change living in Wyoming. There is just something about the waves crashing against the sand, the salty air, and whipping wind that is completely refreshing of the spirit.   When Adrienne and I finished in Newport we drove back to the Portland area via Lincoln City, stopping to do some antique shopping along the way. I scored a few new additions to my collection of my favorite author, Zane Grey, and also added a few unfamiliars to my growing antique book collection.

This book was a delight to read. It involves a sleepy Italian village that experiences a case of stigmata. A review will be coming soon, I assure you!

There was an amazing antique and book store just at the southern tip of Lincoln City on the main highway called North by Northwest Books and Antiques. It’s like my two favorite things combined! The neat thing about this place was that it specializes in antique medical equipment and supplies. There was a jar with a beautifully printed label “Cocaine” and other dubious type instruments, but all were incredibly interesting to investigate.

We had stopped in Lincoln City for lunch on our way down to Newport and for a chance to walk on the beach. It was such a beautiful day; warm and windless. I was amazed how sparsely populated the sand was.  

  After Lincoln City I dropped Adrienne off in Portland and drove back to the coast to get ready for my train trip with the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad the following day. I slept in a horrifically skeezy hotel (it had a 2 star rating for a reason and I should have listened,) but before that I was able to sneak in a dinner date with an old friend and meet her two darling little boys!

After the train, I headed north to Cannon Beach where I hoped to swing by my favorite bookstore in all of Oregon, the bookstore that started my collection, Jupiter Books. But they were closed! My heart broke a little bit, I’ll tell you honestly!

But I didn’t let it deter me from exploring the rest of the little beach town I grew up loving so much… or dipping my toes in the water and baking them on the hot sand.

After taking a nap on the beach I headed further north a few miles and ate lunch in Gearhart at the McMenamins Sand Trap restaurant. My favorite food in all the world is McMenamins’ Cajun Tots with Peppercorn Ranch. I crave it often and so felt truly pleased with myself to have made the special trip to this location (although they have many, many others!)

Wanting to beat traffic, I left after a late lunch and headed back to Portland to spend the evening with my grandparents. Next stop? Downtown Portland and Cartlandia. Stay tuned!

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