Newport, Oregon

We came to Newport to stay at the Sylvia Beach Hotel, but otherwise had left our schedule wide open as to where we would go and where we would eat. So after we dropped our luggage off at the hotel we set to walking around town and ended up finding this wonderful bakery just up the road.

We each ordered a coffee that featured orange zest and I was happily satisfied. I hope this place is still there when I go back to visit because their pizza looks incredible!

When we decided it was dinner time we ventured into the bay area Downtown and picked an amazing place to eat. Before we made it to the restaurant though we had to take advantage of the incredible view. Can you say “perfect lighting”???

While not my more flattering photo, it certainly captured my “wife” just right! It’s hard to believe these photos were taken with a simple iPhone 5. Newport’s bay area is just beautiful and has a ton of great shops and restaurants to choose from. Check in on Saturday to see the review of the restaurant we chose for dinner!

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