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I had heard stories about the Sylvia Beach Hotel since I was fairly young. A fabled bed and breakfast that decorated its rooms according to famous authors and books. I had heard about it for so long and it held such a permanent place in my memory that when I started planning my road trip I knew it had to be one of the stops. The only problem was I didn’t know if the hotel actually existed or if it was just my child’s memory tricking me. After a quick bit of research I found it! And it was everything I ever hoped it could be!

The Sylvia Beach Hotel is a bed and breakfast located on the beach in Newport, Oregon. It is a large building filled with all things literature and an absolute destination spot for any bookworm. When my partner in crime, Adrienne, and I walked into the lobby we came into an environment that felt comfortable and hushed, almost like a library. We were immediately greeted by a very helpful and spirited woman at the counter who checked us into our room and gave us directions – “third floor, to your right. Don’t mind the cat, that’s Shelley.” We eagerly took our bags up the two flights of steep stairs and located the door which belonged to us: Jane Austen.  

Bags dropped, we set about exploring the hotel! Not only are the rooms themed to fit your reading tastes, but they also have a reading room (equipped with fireplace) overlooking the ocean, a puzzle room, library, and gift shop in the lobby.

The rooms are truly inspired by some great writers. A few of the doors were open since their occupants had yet to check in so we peeked into a few and fell in love with each of them!

J.K. Rowling

Potterheads rejoice! This room is made for you, watch out for Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom, though!

Jane Austen

Our room was absolutely lovely and peaceful with a great view looking out into the ocean. We left the window cracked so we could listen to the waves crash against the beach while we slept. This is the perfect space for anyone looking to sit down and journal.  

Dr. Seuss

This one is perfect for kids or the kid at heart! Great attention to detail!  

Amy Tan

This beautiful room is fit for two with lots of room to wander around.  

Lincoln Steffens

Bright and sunny, this one!  

Ken Kesey

Need space for a large group? Check out this room!  


This room is my second favorite. Just beautiful, romantic, and room for a group if you feel like splitting. Comes with a fireplace, queen, and twin bed. It has its own patio overlooking the ocean!  

Mark Twain

My absolute favorite room that I will definitely be booking in the future with plans to stay at least a week. With a queen sized bed overlooking the ocean, a clawfoot tub, fireplace, writing desk, and private patio I don’t think anyone would want to leave this room! I can see myself writing my next novel here, can’t you?  

The Evening Hours

We spent the evening exploring and dining out around Newport since we only had one night to enjoy here, but there is an amazing restaurant on the bottom floor of the hotel which provides dinner by reservation. They say to plan on spending a few hours at dinner since the tables are sat communally allowing visitors to mingle.

It was a calm, windless night so we walked the beach and enjoyed the setting sun without having to worry about a hotel curfew. The front door is open 24 hours a day and the front counter staffed. When we finally did return we found other patrons resting in the reading room, warming by the fire with books in hand while others tried solving a puzzle in the room next door. It felt like home: comforting and communal. It made me heartsick that we had to leave so soon.  

We did eat breakfast there the next morning and were wonderfully surprised by the variations of fruit, granola, pastries, and juice as well as the hot breakfast option.  

Final Thoughts

This hotel is a refuge for any literary nut who is looking for a place to sit quietly and devour a few good books or start writing one! I can’t recommend this hotel highly enough.


  • Fast access to the beach and local shopping
  • Easy parking on the side as well as in a level parking lot
  • No curfew
  • Beautiful, clean rooms
  • Quiet reading room and library
  • Delicious food in the restaurant
  • Very well priced for the season, location, and quality
  • A literary haven
  • Easy to find

Be Aware

  • Steep stair cases (bottom floor rooms are available)
  • Cat (if you have allergies)
  • Plan to spend a few nights to truly be able to appreciate it fully.

Yep, not much to point out that might scare anyone off. The place was wonderful and I absolutely plan on heading back on vacation, perhaps during my spring break, where I can fully dedicate myself to reading, writing, and resting. Beyond walking on the beach, I won’t have a need to leave the hotel!

Final Rating

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