A Family Farm in Beavercreek, Oregon

Talk about a magical place! Tecklewood is a farm owned by my best friend’s grandparents. It’s nestled in the tall trees of Beavercreek, Oregon where chickens peck, dogs bark, and smoke saunters upward toward the summer sky. It’s a perfect retreat for their entire family to come to and one that I’ve been lucky enough to utilize when I needed it most. This trip was on much happier terms and I was able to fully enjoy the ambiance of the farm with my friend, her mother, and her babies.
Enjoy this mini photo essay and let your mind take you away to a place made for relaxation and full of creative energy!
Every wife needs a wife, this is mine.
Her name is Pancake
The cabin that Muti lives in and where we stayed
Is there anything better than a wood burning stove?
It’s little pieces of paradise like this that remind me of how lucky I am to have family all over the west coast.

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