Last Bus To The Cemetery Gates by T.K. Geering

Julianne was waiting in the queue for the last bus at Strangling Road. It was late and would probably be full, but if you were lucky you could strap hang, until the bus terminated by the Cemetery gates.
The locals had renamed the road when a young girl had been held at knifepoint, and fatally stabbed. Several weeks later it happened again but this time there had been other marks, which had been unaccounted for.
She began to pass the time with a young fella in front of her.
Late again as usual and its started to rain!
The man didn’t seem to want to talk, and pulled up the collar of his bomber jacket to stop the fine drizzle cascading down his neck. His dark hooded eyes were hidden under his black baseball cap. Pushing his hands into the jacket pockets he looked gloomily into the distance for the bus. Julianne was a bit slighted. She was quite a looker and dressed the part. Albeit on the pale side rarely did she have to force men to talk to her. She tried again
Any idea what time the bus is due sweetie?
“Got a light for my smoke?” She asked removing one from the squashed packet she fished out of her coat.
Silently he took out his lighter and flicked it into action.
She bent down to light up inhaling deeply. Looking straight into his eyes she said,
“Talkative ain’tcha.”
He didn’t want to talk; his latest had just given him the elbow in favour of his best mate. Aggression crept over him. He hated women who pissed him off, but he could talk the talk no problem. He would scare her shitless. He’d seen her several times before waiting for the bus. Flaunting it and putting herself on offer to any takers…
“So, you go all the way then?” He asked suggestively.
Woah that’s a turn around!
“As far as it takes us” she smiled up at him.
Leaning in closer he put his arm loosely around her shoulders to gauge her reaction. She responded by putting her arm around his waist and looking up into his dark eyes she closed the gap between them.
“How about we walk to the cemetery gates instead of catching the bus? It’s bound to be full and it should only take us about ten minutes if we take a short cut I know down the back of Strangling Road.” He suggested.
Julianne thought about it for a moment. It had stopped drizzling now but the bus still wasn’t in sight.
“Ok, why not? What’s your name by the way?”
“Raymond, but most of my friends at work call me Ray.”
“I’m Julianne. What d’ya do for work then Ray?” she asked making conversation.
“I’m a trainee butcher and this last few weeks I’ve been learning how to cut meat. Some of those knives are that sharp I sliced through a side of beef in one cut,” he said looking for respect.
She gave it to him.
“Wow that’s awesome Ray” and for an extra incentive she squeezed his waist, which pleased him.
“This is the shortcut I was telling you about. It’s just past these bushes here.”
As they walked along the path shielded by the trees they approached a rough bit of scrubland. He stopped and roughly kissed her with his eyes open enabling him to take a quick look around. He then pushed her to the ground at the same time palming his knife.
Quick as a flash she was on top of him. Drawing back her lips, Julianne exposed a pair of fangs and sank her teeth into his neck. As she drank greedily he let out screams of horror and passed into oblivion. Taking the dropped knife she stabbed him viciously.
“Lets see how you like being stabbed through the heart.” she added venomously through her bloody fangs.  
As Julianne stood up, her black wings slowly materialised. Taking flight into the midnight sky she slowly glided towards the cemetery gates. Julianne needed to rest up and where better than here. Satiated for the moment she would be ready to take the return bus back to Strangling Road tomorrow night.
© T K Geering 2012

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