Build Your Own Writing Prompt

I love writing writing prompts because they feel like short bursts of stories that plop readers down in the middle and leave them wondering where it’s going. It allows passersby to fill in the blanks and imagine their own story whether they are writers or not. So I’ve decided to spice things up a bit and post links to my Pinterest boards that are filled with juicy prompt worthy images.
The rules are similar, see the bottom of this post for information on how to submit your writing prompt! Click the image to be routed to the attached Pinterest board and pick a photo that inspires you!

Black & White




 Gypsy Wanderlust



Length: 1-3 sentences
Deadline: None
  • Submit via email to
  • Copy your prompt into the Message box:
    • Include:
      • Web address to the image you selected
      • Your return contact information marked with a “(P)” for private if applicable
      • Public contact information you would like me to reference if your piece should be selected for feature.
        • This can include your website or blog as well as your social media outlets: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.
        • Optional: A photo of you
      • Your prompt
        • Please copy and paste into the body of the message and highlight it by surrounding it with quotation marks
Award: My favorite submissions will be featured on as well as all BC’s social media outlets with all links connecting back to your blog/social media/website/etc.

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