Spotlight: Mari L.

Response to Writing Prompt Sixty-Seven: The tape kept rolling , but I had nothing left to say.

We set up the camera in silence, there was nothing he could say to change my mind. I sat down on the couch with my two friends/helpers. Tyler, my best friend manning the camera, held up his hand, fingers counting down from five. He gave me the thumbs up and I grinned at the camera, “Hey babe. Enjoy.” I turned to my left where Jason sat. Jason fit the phrase blonde hair and blue eyes almost as well as my other friend/helper, Ryan, fit the phrase tall, dark and handsome. I leaned forward capturing Jason’s bottom lip between my teeth, nibbling on it as he tugged on my hair. I kept my eyes on the camera as I let Jason pull me into a kiss. Ryan lifted me up and sat me on his lap forcing Jason to crawl forwards to keep his lips glued to mine. I threw my head back grinding my hips on Ryan’s lap moaning when Jason began to kiss and lick my neck. Ryan grabbed my hips and I felt his approval pressing against my ass. I smirked at the camera, turning my head to capture Ryan’s mouth. Jason moved his attention slightly lower and I arched my back as he took full advantage of the low neckline on my shirt.
After a few more minutes of enjoying my companions I sat up straight fixed my shirt and blew a kiss to the camera. Tyler had left a few minutes earlier having had enough of the snog fest and the tape kept on rolling, but I had nothing left to say. I knew I probably wouldn’t send the video to my ex, but it felt satisfying having made it none the less. Jason and Ryan left when they realized I was done, but I remained seated on the couch, wishing I had been kissing someone else. That was my one regret in making the video, who was in it. I stood up slowly my resolve forming and I quickly left to find my best friend.

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