Cabin Fever and Vacations

This time last year I was walking 90,000 steps a day for a week and I didn’t even notice. I was surrounded by people, but in something of a world of my own. I was on my first adult vacation and I chose to go with my brother to Universal Studios Orlando and Disney World!
We chose Orlando because, honestly, it was cheaper to fly and stay on the east coast than it was to fly and stay on the west coast. Also: Harry Potter. I had done months of research leading up to this vacation and was even nervous about renting a car (and having to drive around in a foreign-to-me city without anyone else to look to for help but myself… and Siri. My God – thank heavens for Siri!
With the week upon us and Facebook and Timehop kindly sending me reminders about what I was doing a year ago a new level of cabin fever I have never known before has hit me and hit me hard. I find myself feeling homesick for a trip I took to a land of warmer weather (all the more compounded now that there are eight inches of fresh snow on the ground.) 
So I’ve done what any writer would naturally do and I’ve started writing about it. I couldn’t share the trip with readers last year because this blog didn’t exist, so let me do it now on the anniversary.

Main Characters:

Me and my brother, Alex


Strictly for nostalgia sake – Medieval Times
Universal Studios and Island of Adventure
Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios
Kennedy Space Center
See you throughout the week!

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