The Reoccurring Dream by Sarah Oliverson

Response to Writing Prompt Forty:  I followed him down the white washed stairs of a stucco walled corridor. His hand in mine, I let him lead me away from the tour group.

There was nothing normal about taking this gorgeous Mexican man’s hand and pretending to follow him down the rabbit hole so to speak. Here I am winding down the white washed stairs listening to his soothing voice as he tells me about his heritage and how he is actually half Mexican and half Irish. What an interesting combination. Two of my favorites for sure, both know how to party in their own way. As he speaks he gingerly skips down the stairs, glancing back every so often with his golden brown eyes to make sure I’m not rolling down the stairs face first.

As we near the bottom of the stairs I cannot help but feel a sense of regret that perhaps our adventure is coming to an end. Then again I am mistaken as he leads me to a courtyard with loud music. I am in heaven. It is nice to be able to keep eye contact with him for more than a mere moment. As I am looking into his eyes he scoops me into his arms and whisks me away to the dance floor in time to the music. You could almost say he has me in a trance. I am having the time of my life!
He bends over and speaks smoothly into my ear, “Would you like me to get you some type of refreshment?”

The words catch in the back of my throat as I look in his eyes, all I can do is nod at him.
“Don’t worry, I have beautiful surprises for beautiful women.” He whispers before walking away. Are there truly men like this in the world now days? I can’t help but think this as I watch him walk away. It isn’t long before he comes back with a wine glass with gold liquid in it. That could make it anything I think to myself.
Winking at me as he hands me the glass, my stomach launches into my throat. This is the wrong time to get the question of whether or not you’re in a safe place or not. I cannot help but place the glass at my lips and smirk at him.
As he takes my hand the sounds around me finally reach my ears. There is screaming all around us. I blink, having the ability to look away from him I’m horrified. There are adults running around all over the place. Chaos is everywhere and somehow my feet are planted firmly where I stand.
“What is happening here?” I turn and ask my mixed friend.
At a moment’s notice he is behind me with his arms around me and his lips on my ears, “This is the beginning of a lifelong adventure my dear.”
As his words sink into my ears his teeth sink into my neck, but there isn’t any pain there. Everything  becomes fuzzy, the screams grow into one. My eyes fly open to the same man staring at me. He was the same man that was sinking his teeth into my neck.
As my screams die on my lips, my husband’s hands smoothing my bed fuzzed hair whispering soothing words to me to help slow my heart beat.
Here’s to meeting him again at the same place. What a dream! 

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