Audrey Gay

Response to Writing Prompt Thirty: Smoke whistled through his two front teeth. White like china, like the stars reflecting in his eyes. Hardy teeth of a desert wanderer.

I knew so many things about him just by looking at his teeth. I knew that he was strong and tough and I knew that he was mean. I knew that those teeth were weapons when he wanted them to be, and that I was not immune to his wrath.
“Stand up,” his gravelly voice sounded like a roar when he spoke. “Stand up now! I wont ask you again!!!” His impatience was startling even as he grabbed the rope binding my wrists together and jerked me into an upright position.

Once again I was being pushed forward, towards a fate that I was not anxious to meet. Even after the initial shock of my kidnapping, I still wasn’t ready to face what was bound to happen to me when we reached his home. It wasn’t looking like something as endurable as rape and light cutting. This man had intentions that I knew nothing of, but I was not supposed to survive the event or even matter. I could tell by the way his eyes looked straight through me that I had been dead since the moment he laid his eyes on me.
I stumbled as we started to come to an area where the ground sloped suddenly and we began to climb up the side of a small hill. My clumsiness served to earn me a backhand and the metallic taste of blood in my mouth. I turned to the man but he shoved me forward before i could look at his face. I knew I was entering my own tomb and could do nothing about it.
I felt my heart beating in my chest like it was going to break one of my ribs. The gag in my mouth was dirty and old but it kept me from crying out loud every time he poked me in between my shoulder blades with the stick he was using to climb uphill. I knew that if I didn’t do something now, I would never see the moon again. I stopped climbing uphill for a second and turned to look at the man out of the corner of my eye. I saw his face, dark with an uneven beard and hidden in the shadows of the night. I noticed a scar above his right eyebrow about half of a second before he brought the stick down on my head and I started to pass out…….

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