“Help!” My cries are swallowed by the silence. I could scream and holler and beg to unknown Gods, but no one would hear me. My feet are stuck in an unseen mire. I cannot move forward. I cannot move back. I am cemented here, sinking. The more I struggle the deeper I go. There is nothing left for me to do, but try. “Help!”

Help! Help! Help! 
The cavern echoes back to me. Sterile, black walls collide with a solid ceiling and pockets of solid ground. I had tread the floor carefully until the moment that I didn’t. My foot slipped in, then the other, and bodily I floated there; upright in a standing ovation to the pluckiness of chance. 
I should never have gone where flashlights cannot go. The depths of a soul uncharted by my ego riddled heart. But dreams worth chasing often dampen our spirits before rekindling a wildfire from embers.
Until then, I will wait for the spark.

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