Seeing Ione

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In a literary world filled with dystopian futures, wizards, vampires, and closet BDSM billionaires Jansen Curry‘s debut novel is a breath of fresh air. Seeing Ione is by far the most original story I have read in recent years.
Ione McCreery is a young woman with a mysterious past that even she can’t remember. With it comes a special sight that only her late adoptive father knew about – her ability to read people’s emotions like a world wide coloring book. McCreery is well guarded by a feisty friend named Jenny, who acts as a counterweight to McCreery’s broody personality, and an ever vigilant companion wolf named Beo. But even they cannot protect her from the truth of her ancestry and the source of her gift.
I’d like to think I’m a rather clever individual who can spot plot twists a mile away whether it is in a book, movie, or television show. And I know I’m not the only one. So believe me when I tell you that even with hints about her novel, I still had no idea what was coming to me as a reader and what McCreery was about to face. A perfect mixture between lighthearted, genuine dialogue and gritty, gut squeezing tension, Curry sends you off on an adventure that will have you begging for a follow up of the series before the last page is turned.
I read this book in a matter of hours – not because it is easy reading or short, but because it reads so smoothly that you neglect time as the words lift off the page, seep into your mind, and take control of your imagination. It was a pleasure to read and an experience that left me thoroughly impressed at every chapter. In the end, I was gobsmacked – I felt utterly refreshed to know that good literature still exists.
This book will find its way to best sellers lists and nightstands across the world – and I won’t be surprised if one day, in the near future, I am sitting in a movie theater waiting for the show to start.

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