Taking Back My Time

It’s time to unplug the TV. Or, in this case, my computer. But not really because I need my computer to write and blog and market… so what I really mean is it is time to step away from Netflix and Hulu, from television programming, and do something with my life.

I’m here to admit that I am a TV show junkie. I don’t run marathons, I watch them. When the world gets too busy, when I feel overwhelmed and the to-do list gets too long my first line of defense is to shut down in front of the TV (or my computer) and rot my brain on all things murder mystery, drama, and romance. Currently, I follow twelve shows. Twelve! Well, one of those doesn’t really count because, well, Sherlock hasn’t exactly been an every year thing, so really it’s technically eleven shows. But still – eleven!
That’s over eleven hours a week of watching TV instead of writing or reading or traveling or studying. That’s an entire work day lost to the little screen sitting in my lap. It’s shameful, really. For someone who has known since she was a small child that the meaning of her life is to live it to be binge watching the Murdoch Mysteries when she could be doing something else is counterproductive to her life’s purpose. And I’ve created too many excuses to justify my “taking a break” or “deserving” something mindless. Ahuh, right. 
So for the month of December I am challenging myself to keep away from Netflix and Hulu; to ignore my small screen couples and do something productive instead. My couch and earbuds will miss me, this I know, but I’m wasting my time – so much of my precious time enthralled by Caskett.
Granted, I’ve chosen an excellent month to do this challenge since all my regularly programmed shows have aired their fall finales not to be picked up again until the end of January, but no matter! Call it baby steps. This means not picking up new shows on Netflix that I hadn’t previously watched or series hopping. The challenge also falls on a month when I have a week holiday from work where I have the perfect opportunity to go Netflix nuts, but I won’t.
When I feel the need to shut off my brain or step out of my world, I will do what I should have been doing all along – pick up a book! Binge reading is much more mind expanding, dontcha think?
I extend my challenge on to you and I want to know:
What shows are you addicted to? 
The ones you can’t miss? 
The ones in which you avoid spoilers like the plague? 
Do you think you could walk away from them mid-season for a month?
What would you do to fill the time gap the show left behind?

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