Fair Week in Torrington

This weekend marks the anniversary of when Hubbins and I rolled into our new home in the little town of Torrington.
Population: 6,500
It was hot, the air was stagnant, and I was sticky from 17 hours in a car. We were exhausted, but happy to be “home.” It was a Sunday and the first thing we noticed when it came to be dinner time was that of the six sit-down restaurants in town, all of them were closed. So we settled for some fast food; sitting on boxes, eating off the wrapper, and going to bed without a fan to cool us off.
Main Street
Flash forward to today and it’s hot, the air is stagnant, and I’m a little sticky. But I know my little town now and have had the incredible opportunity to meet friends, understand the culture, and appreciate the… um…. eclectic weather.
When we arrived in town we had missed the county fair by a day which nearly broke my heart. I love the fair. I love the people, the food, the animals, the rides! So I was determined this year to participate.
Little did I know Fair Day, this last Thursday, is kind of a big deal around here. Like close-the-whole-town-including-the-college big. There was a parade down Main Street which lasted 75 minutes and then a migration to the fairgrounds for festivities.
There is no short supply of cowboys in this town!

Oxen pulling a wagon – these animals are enormous!

Search and Rescue shared their dogs with us and an amazing “float”

This guy, apparently, is a staple of University of Wyoming football games – rain or shine, snow or hail he is in his barrel!
In 90° heat we flocked en masse to the dusty pathways of the carnival; drank sugar loaded, fresh squeezed lemonade; ate our weight in french fries; and lurked the 4-H aisles. 

They bathe their cows, brush, and blow dry them for the competitions. The fluffiest cows I have ever seen!
It’s a tiny fair compared to what I’m used to back on the west coast, but it didn’t matter. I watched the kids’ rodeo where toddlers rode sheep, known as Muttin-Bustin, and the town’s youth roped goats. I had a blast meeting new people and eating funnel cake. 

It’s been a busy week, but I am thankful for this restful weekend! 

What’s your favorite part of the fair?

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