I want to make you Proud. To see To be with To know Me. I need to know That you know Just what is there Beside you. But. I need you to know That I know Who I am. I know my Strength Beauty Gifts Triumphs Value. My worth is well Established. I am Invincible […]

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Mirrored Images

To begin, I want to give a loving, sincere shout out to all the parents (in every shape, age, and form) who work diligently to ensure the mental and emotional health of their children and the children around them. You are warriors against an established community-thought of how we are supposed to look, supposed to […]

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Weathering the Storm

Recently, I set out on a new endeavor. To those who know me well, they won’t be surprised in the least by that first sentence. I have flights of fancy. It’s just in my nature. I’m a dreamer and very rarely do I follow through with many of my schemes, but I’m getting better. I’m […]

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