There is a lapping of water inside my head – hollow and wet. I can feel the water trickle away from the hull of my mind with each tiny wave. Chaotic trails of water rippling down the wooden sides, eager to rejoin their brethren in the quiet little river of my thoughts. “These are my […]

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Spotlight: Jens Morrison

Inspired by Writing Prompt Twenty-Seven: The distance was trivial on paper, but the expanse of an entire sea kept me from her golden hair and violet eyes. My lips grew bitter from the journey. “You’re thinking out loud again” she said, from the other side of the puddle. “Drat! Curse these seas, I shall have […]

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You will never see me cry.  She whispered defiantly.   Tears will turn to crystals on my cheeks, the drop abandoned by salt rivers. No. You will not see me break this stoic facade. Not for something so worthless as you.   She turned toward the North, the wind brushing auburn curls away from her […]

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