The Art of Criticism: How to Apply It

My only bit of advice? Don’t take it personally! This is the biggest, most important piece in this whole post. Whether the criticism is in favor or against your writing, not matter what, don’t let it go to your head or heart. When we finally gather up our courage to share our work with others […]

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The Art of Criticism: Five Types and How to Handle Them

I’ve been writing since I was a kid just like many of you out there. And like you, I’ve shared my writing with my community whether it was my parents, siblings, friends, internet forums, writing groups, or professional editors. And, like you, I’ve had my run-ins with all different sorts of feedback and personalities.    […]

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The Art of Criticism: How to Be Constructive

  I recently had the keen, stinging displeasure of being critiqued in a social media discussion for one of my writing prompts. It was a rather painful experience that took me some time to shake off. While I like to claim I have thick skin and can take the brunt of constructive criticism, I honestly […]

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