The Art of Criticism: How to Be Constructive

  I recently had the keen, stinging displeasure of being critiqued in a social media discussion for one of my writing prompts. It was a rather painful experience that took me some time to shake off. While I like to claim I have thick skin and can take the brunt of constructive criticism, I honestly […]

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Write Honestly: Five Ways To Overcome Your Biggest Censor – You!

I have a confession to make – writing the nearly G-rated love scene in my novel was the hardest thing I’ve ever written and I’ll tell you why. I’m afraid to write honestly. I’m afraid of what my mama or my daddy will think. Or my grandparents or my friends. Or my aunts who I […]

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The Importance of Writers Conferences

Last June I was awarded a scholarship to attend my very first writers conference via Wyoming Writers, Inc. I was nervous, unsure of what to expect, and completely alone when I arrived at the hotel hosting the conference. I knew of only one person who would be there, John Nesbitt, but I knew not where […]

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