See This Girl Travel!

I’m finally doing it! I set a goal for 2016 to travel and it’s finally happening! One week from tomorrow I will be boarding my flight to London where I will spend a day exploring before meeting up with a group of strangers to tour eight countries in 11 days! I am beyond excited, but I’ll let you in on a little secret….
I’m intimidated.
I’ve only ever left the US twice and that was to Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia… but does that really count? Nah. I’ll be flying solo and staying in London solo and hoping I can find my group of soon-to-be-new-best-friends solo. I can do this, right? I’ve been preparing for this moment by learning how to be comfortable alone… but still. It’s intimidating. I imagine the butterflies in my stomach as the plane takes off will be nearly unbearable and the chaos of a new-to-me airport (Heathrow) will be overwhelming, however, I’ll survive. I know I’ll survive and I’ll have an amazing time while surviving. Time to start focusing on my excitement rather than my fears. Time to go play!
I’ll be traveling with Tour Radar (see the ad banner at the bottom of this post) and we have a full, amazing itinerary ahead of us.
Paris for Christmas then Milan, Venice, Salzburg, Prague, Berlin for New Years, Amsterdam, and, finally, Brussels!

Follow me on my journey by keeping an eye on my Instagram account and Facebook OR track me by using the hashtag: #seegirltravel.

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Jaymee is the writing force and creative director behind the Beaux Cooper brand. She loves to collaborate with other writers and journalists across the genres. Jaymee lives under the beautiful foothills of the Front Range in Colorado with her cat, Ada, and partner.

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