A Hashtag World

Hashtag: #ConqueringMe
Meaning: It has been noted that typically our biggest obstacles are ourselves. In essence, we stand in our own way. Whether it is our mind telling us we can’t achieve something, the goal is too high, the likelihood too low – we make assumptions and short change ourselves. We have fears that prevent us from trying something new or expanding our knowledge. We have fears that paralyze us. We settle. We forget what it is like to believe we are capable of anything – of everything.
When to Use It:  Whenever you do something that rebels against the negative Inner You. When you override your fears, doubts, assumptions, prejudices, and so on. No matter how big or small it may seem, this is you conquering you. All endeavors are worthy.
Where to Use It: All social media avenues!
Who Can Use It: Everyone! Men, women, children, dogs… it doesn’t matter. If the hashtag fits, write it!
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Hashtag:  #SeeGirlTravel
Meaning:  It’s pretty simple, like See Spot Run. We are off on adventures; out to learn about ourselves and the world we live in. With opportunities to meet new people, make friends the globe over, and taste incredible food we are women on the loose! It’s about encouraging women to travel as a single rider while building a sisterhood conjoined through the love of exploration. Release the confines of feeling like your friends or family have to accompany you – there is a whole world waiting to be traversed – don’t miss it!
When to Use It: For your adventures, explorations, trips into unknown areas. This doesn’t have to mean grand excursions into foreign countries. It could be the town over, a trip to the mountain or beach or desert, or just a walk down a road you’ve not travelled. Let us know where you have been and why you were drawn there. These are moments of recorded independence.
Where to Use It: All social media avenues!
Who Can Use It: Women who are traveling solo – whether you are a single woman traveling alone or a woman traveling independently while her family stays at home – you are welcome here! The key point, though, is to be going at it by yourself, away from the comforts of your network at home. Meet up with tours, make new friends, broaden you circle to include new members; or take a weekend away in the woods where only the birds can keep you company!
Funny how the two often will coincide with each other. They will for me.

Now show me your hashtag!

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